New York State Department of Health Public Health Assessment of the Gowanus Canal
(February 1, 2014)
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EPA Releases its Plan to Clean up the Gowanus Canal Superfund Site
Environmental Protection Agency(March 15, 2013)
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Summary: This Community Update provides brief background on the Gowanus Canal site contamination and overviews the proposed cleanup plan, including costs and specific remedial processes.
Keywords: Cap Design, CSO, Dredging, EPA, Superfund
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EPA Fact Sheet March 11, 2013
Environmental Protection Agency(March 11, 2013)
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Summary: This fact sheet provides a description of the Gowanus Canal site and its contaminants and potential threats, as well as an overview of the cleanup approach and current progress.
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EPA holding two public meetings on plan to clean up Gowanus Canal Superfund Site
Environmental Protection Agency(January 15, 2013)
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Summary: Community update providing background on Gowanus site contamination, overview of the proposed cleanup plan (including costs and specific remedial processes), and public health and safety advisories.
Keywords: Cap Design, CSO, Dredging, EPA
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Hurricane Sandy Sampling Results
Environmental Protection Agency(November 5, 2012)
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Summary: Provides the results of sampling in the Gowanus Canal area following Hurricane Sandy, providing a detailed chart of organic compounds, metals, and bacteria levels found.
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EPA Enforcement Briefing March 2012 (PRAP)
EPA(March 27, 2012)
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Summary: The briefing justifies the need for Superfund remediation by describing the canal’s history and sources of the canal’s contamination and the potentially responsible parties and a proposed cleanup and enforcement schedule.
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Exposure to Contaminants Chart
Environmental Protection Agency(September 15, 2011)
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Summary: Color coded chart outlining pathways of possible exposure to Gowanus Canal contaminants; explains EPA recommendations to the public.
Keywords: Air Quality, CSO, EPA
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Support Document for the Revised National Priorities List Final Rule Gowanus Canal March 2010
Environmental Protection Agency(March 15, 2010)
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Summary: Document provides detailed support for the presence of Gowanus Canal on National Priorities List (NPL), contains comprehensive list of public commenters.
Keywords: Cap Design, CSO, Dredging, EPA, PRAP, Sediment Treatment & Disposal
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EPA Starting Field Work at the Gowanus Canal
Environmental Protection Agency(December 15, 2009)
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Summary: Community update provides details regarding the start of first phase field work, and briefly describes Gowanus Canal contamination.
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