New York State Department of Health Public Health Assessment of the Gowanus Canal
(February 1, 2014)
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Archaeological Sensitivity Study - Gowanus Canal
Harshbarger & Hunter, Lee(December 15, 2011)
Summary: Study summarizes investigation per EPA request, describes relevant cultural, pre-historical/historical influences in the region (including potential burial grounds), and makes future recommendations.
Keywords: Bulkheads, Construction, CSO, Design Flexibility, Dredging
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Feasibility Study Gowanus Canal
Environmental Protection Agency(December 1, 2011)
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Summary: The feasibility study evaluates seven remedial alternatives for the Gowanus Canal Superfund Site based on the results of the Remedial Investigation.
Keywords: Air Quality, Bulkheads, Cap Design, Construction, CSO, Design Flexibility, Dredging, EPA, Navigation, Sediment Treatment & Disposal
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