Notice: Pipe Pile Installation

Please be advised that as early as April 21, 2021, the Gowanus Remediation Team will begin installing pipe piles at various points along the Gowanus Canal. The purpose of driving pipe piles is to provide additional structural support outboard of bulkheads and bridge abutments.  As a lead up to and continuing during the work, multiple work barges will be mobilized to stage equipment, materials, and personnel between the 3rd and Union Street Bridges. Pipe pile installation is expected to continue through the Fall of 2021.

Pipe piles will be installed at the Carroll Street and Union Street Bridges, as well as at Turning Basin 1. The bridges will have pipe pile walls installed as bulkheads to support the bridge abutments during future phases of dredging. At Turning Basin 1 a pipe pile wall will be used to create a temporary bulkhead wall to support fill materials on the upland side of the canal while dredging occurs.

If you have any questions or concerns about the work taking place, please contact the Gowanus Remediation Team by emailing or calling the hotline at (718) 403-2451.