Cultural Resources Monitoring

The Project Team monitors for potentially significant cultural resources during construction in accordance with the DRAFT Cultural Resources Monitoring Plan (revised September 2020).

The dredged material is being managed according to the Level 1 Archaeological Monitoring protocol outlined in the DRAFT Cultural Resource Monitoring Plan. This protocol calls for dredged soft sediments to be placed directly into small and large barges, floated to the processing facility, and screened over bars on a vibrating platform. Items removed during the vibratory screening process are then sorted by trained personnel as per the DRAFT Cultural Resource Monitoring Plan. Items of potential interest (possible artifacts or objects of local interest) are placed in a separate stockpile and photographed daily for archaeologists to review. These items are then placed in a holding area for the archaeologist to inspect weekly. To date, the vast majority of the recovered items consisted of modern debris and timbers.

Three items have been recommended for retention for further investigation: a piece of architectural masonry, an iron stove, and an unidentified machine.

The Gowanus Canal Superfund Project Team looks forward to continuing to share these updates as our work continues.

Photograph 1 – Architectural masonry, front view


Photograph 2 – Architectural masonry, side view


Photograph 3 – Iron stove, front view


Photograph 4 – Iron stove, rear view


Photograph 5 – Unidentified machine