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Cultural Resources Review Results #17, January 18, 2022


On 12/10/2021, the Gowanus Remediation Team was conducting In-Situ Stabilization (ISS) and during sampling activities associated with the ISS, a coin was discovered. During sieving of the sample, technicians noticed a coin was caught on top of the sieve.  It was put aside for an archeologist to review. On 12/31/2021, debris was encountered during ISS work. This material was also put aside for the archeologist to review at the staging area. 


An archeologist conducted a special site visit to the staging area on 1/10/22 to review the items recovered from the canal. The material under review consisted of a collection of bent metal strips (Photographs 1 and 2), a small unidentifiable rod (Photograph 2), and a Peso dated 1975 (Photograph 3).


AHRS concludes that after review on 1/10/22, the collection of metal had no historic/archeological significance and may be disposed of. However, the coin may be considered an item of interest and may be retained.

Photograph 1 – View collection of metal.
Photograph 2 – Close up of collection of metal.
Photograph 3 – Peso dated 1975.