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March 2016 Update

The design team is preparing for a debris removal pilot study, scheduled to begin in the summer of 2016. The pilot study will take place in the 4th Street Turning Basin of the Gowanus Canal. The purpose of the study is to:

  • Clear obstructions preventing navigational access
  • Evaluate different equipment types for removing debris
  • Evaluate environmental monitoring approaches to measure air and water quality
View of the 4th Street Turning Basin, site of debris removal pilot study, facing north.
Sunken vessel in the 4th Street Turning Basin that is targeted for removal in the pilot study.
Example of small debris recovered from the Gowanus Canal.
The 2010 debris survey identified four large targets within the 4th Street Turning Basin. The large targets included a small boat wreck (31), a hull of a sunken boat (31a), a hard rectangular feature (31b), and two hard rectangular features (31c).