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October 2017 Update – 4th Street Turning Basin Dredging and Capping Pilot Study

The second phase of work, referred to as the Dredging and Capping Pilot Study, includes dredging contaminated sediment from the turning basin and installing a multi-layer protective cover, or cap, on the original canal bottom.  Prior to dredging, steel sheeting will be installed in front of the existing bulkheads along the banks of the canal at appropriate depths to provide structural support for the dredging.

Information gathered during this phase of the project will inform the remedial design of RTA1, the first section of the canal designated for cleanup, and ultimately the remaining sections of the Canal (RTAs 2 and 3). Weekly progress reports are included in the attached links to inform the public of the progress being made during this important phase of the project. The reports include a summary of the previous week’s activities and noise, vibration, air quality and water quality measurements.

For more information, please see the EPA’s Fact Sheet.