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Progress Update, Week of January 9th, 2023

During the week of January 9, the Gowanus Remediation Team (GRT) began mobilization for the RTA 1 Capping Operation. The Capping Operation will place a layer of new material along the bed of the canal within RTA 1. Capping is expected to continue through Spring 2024.

This week the GRT began installing pipe sections along the canal that will be used to transport capping material from the staging area during the Capping Operation. A barge was mobilized in preparation for the initial capping demonstration.

Sealant was placed at bulkheads and monopiles and the areas under the abutments were graded near the Union Street Bridge.

Sealant was also placed at the bulkheads and monopiles near the Carroll Street Bridge.

Mobilization continued at the new GRT staging area. Demobilization continued at the former GRT staging area.

A photo of construction activities is provided below.

Barge mobilized in preparation for capping demonstration.