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Progress Update, Week of July 5, 2021

During the week of July 5 the Gowanus Remediation Team continued repositioning the work barges around the Carroll Street bridge. This new configuration is necessary for construction equipment to access the canal-facing sides of the bridge abutments. The reconfiguration process is expected to be completed by late July.

Once the new configuration has been completed pipe pile installation will continue. Pipe piles are being installed at the Carroll Street bridge to create bulkheads that will support the bridge abutments during future phases of dredging.

Debris removal remains ongoing at the west side of the canal near Douglass Street. Debris removal will continue over the coming weeks.

Additional supporting activities continued at the Union Street Bridge to prepare for upcoming replacement of submarine cables that are a part of the bridge’s control system.

Photos of construction activities are provided below.

Setting crane mats onto a mini hopper barge for reconfiguration.
Relocating the work barge in preparation for disassembly.
Transporting a barge with support crane south of 3rd Street.
Laying out submarine cables at Union Street bridge.