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September Update

Over the past few weeks, the Design Team and its contractors continued efforts on three areas of study which began earlier this year. These three on-going projects are:

  • Groundwater Studies: This month we continue with the data collection discussed in our May update. For more information, see May Update.
  • NAPL Mobility Study: We are continuing with the NAPL mobility study which began in late July and it will continue into October. For more information, see our July update.
  • Field Collections: We collected samples of sediment and surface water for several studies. (See August update for more detailed information.) In the coming weeks, these samples will be used to:

Compile information about sediment and determine proper ways to handle and dispose of it. We plan to give the data to potential vendors to confirm if they can accept and manage the dredged sediment as well as determine the potential cost for disposal.

Understand the ability for bacteria within the sediment to produce gas that could move contaminants to the water in the Canal. We will use the results in existing models that will help choose the best remedial design options.

Evaluate capping materials that will limit the movement of contaminants from the sediment to the surface water. We will use water and sediment samples to mimic conditions from specific parts of the canal and apply the results to the remedial cap design.

The field team uses equipment to conduct a portion of the NAPL mobility investigation in the canal.